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OCs for Sold!!!
OCs for sold^^
Hey People^^ I´m leaving DA so I sell my OCs. If you want one, just take a look at my journal^^
:iconrubinight:RubiNight 0 0
Yumi by RubiNight Yumi :iconrubinight:RubiNight 4 8 Jinx the florist by RubiNight Jinx the florist :iconrubinight:RubiNight 21 0 Lana without her cape by RubiNight Lana without her cape :iconrubinight:RubiNight 10 0 The Hero is here! ~ Luca by RubiNight The Hero is here! ~ Luca :iconrubinight:RubiNight 13 1 Awesome Mission! by RubiNight Awesome Mission! :iconrubinight:RubiNight 6 0 Louis the Musican by RubiNight Louis the Musican :iconrubinight:RubiNight 13 28 Lana the Musican by RubiNight Lana the Musican :iconrubinight:RubiNight 18 18
Nordic 5 x reader Prolog
AN.: Sorry for my English. I´m German so it could be that you find some mistakes. Please say when something is wrong then I can edit it^^
(f/n) = First name
(s/n) = Sisters name
(h/c) = hair color
(e/c) = eye color
Slowly stepped (f/n) the steep stairs down to the dungeons. She didn't really liked it there. But she was positive that she could find her older sister down there. While (f/n) was a fair and kind princess, her sister was the direct opposite. (s/n) loved to play with the prisoners and not rarely she make one of them to her private slave.
When (f/n) came to the big wooden door, the Guards saluted while the (h/c) Princess walked through the door.
“I think, I make you to my new slave! Be happy that you will be my new toy!”
How (f/n) expected her sister was there. But what she saw was a shock. (s/n) had a knife in her hand and pulled it slowly over the mostly nude body of a boy with silver hair and purple eyes. His hands were chained over his head so that he did
:iconrubinight:RubiNight 19 13
Miyuki-  Kuroko no Basket OC by RubiNight Miyuki- Kuroko no Basket OC :iconrubinight:RubiNight 1 0 First snow by RubiNight First snow :iconrubinight:RubiNight 2 1 Sarah by RubiNight Sarah :iconrubinight:RubiNight 2 3 Tora OC by RubiNight Tora OC :iconrubinight:RubiNight 0 0 Kai - OC by RubiNight Kai - OC :iconrubinight:RubiNight 2 0 Sahib^^ by RubiNight Sahib^^ :iconrubinight:RubiNight 1 0 Hexe and Arez by RubiNight Hexe and Arez :iconrubinight:RubiNight 1 0


The Best Damn Thing- Reader X Prussia Ch 17
The Best Damn Thing- Crossdresser! Reader X Prussia Chpt 17
Okay so just because school’s out doesn’t mean the updates will be AS frequent… STUPID DRIVING SCHOOL!! But I shan’t forget my beloved fans cuz I love u guys more than driving ( I f-ing hate driving! DX) Well I guess this one has a bit more tension and slapstick… hahaha! Good ol slapstick comedy. Oh... I really feel bad for leavin ya'll hangin but at the same time I'm runnin' out of ideas and also at the same time I hope the next chapter will be updated sooner than this one.
Well I hope you all  ENJOY~!! :3

Now that you and Arthur were inside the school and out of the pool the two of you walked away elsewhere to get a change of clothes and get out of the sopping wet ones you were wearing now; unaware of the suspicious albino secretly following the two of you.
You jumped slightly in surprise once you heard Arthur sneeze, and then you smiled at him.
“Bless you.”
“Thank you
:icona-chan-the-great:A-chan-The-Great 194 84
Voice Actor Meme by applePAI Voice Actor Meme :iconapplepai:applePAI 27 4 Sachiko by MayuMakesMuffins Sachiko :iconmayumakesmuffins:MayuMakesMuffins 3 4
DeviantART Text Formatting Guide - Version 3.2
You all have probably wondered at some point how I do all this formatted text. Well, it actually has to do with HTML code, but the more basic (usually) elements. Here is how you do each (replace all "*" with "" (nothing)).
Bold text
Bold text
Italic text
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Strikethrough text or
Strikethrough text
:iconshadowkirby47:ShadowKirby47 1,087 889
[Collab] Peace out! by Ayeshii [Collab] Peace out! :iconayeshii:Ayeshii 60 24 SAI Eye Tutorial by Iseanna SAI Eye Tutorial :iconiseanna:Iseanna 4,316 221 [Momo] I'm Serious by Momo-Kaiser [Momo] I'm Serious :iconmomo-kaiser:Momo-Kaiser 37 24 Momo Kaiser Guild Card by Momo-Kaiser Momo Kaiser Guild Card :iconmomo-kaiser:Momo-Kaiser 50 55
Mature content
Lion's Den (Jean x Reader) :iconvizkopa:Vizkopa 317 51
Levi x Reader~ University
Levi x Reader: University
You woke up your hair like a rats nest, your (h/c) hair hung over your face.  Groggily you looked over at your portable alarm clock and nearly fell out of your bed.  It was nearly nine and your Intro to Art History lecture was going to start in 30 minutes.  
“Shit!  Professor Erwin is going to kill me if I’m late again!” you hollered jumping out of your warm covers.  You rushed over to your bathroom and tried in vain to brush your hair.  Too hurried to bother with your contacts you pushed on your black plastic glasses.  As you got dressed you tried to push your textbooks into your bag.  Right as you went to pick up your sketchbook your Art History textbook in all its 800-page holiness fell on your foot.
“Fuuuccckkkk…” you hissed as you bent down to pick it up, looking at your now red toe.  Stuffing the book into your backpack you shoved on your worn charcoal covered hoodie and pr
:iconmmomo-chan:mmomo-chan 94 16
BTLG - From the Sky - Norway x Reader
You thought you woke up.
You did… just not in a place you expected.
Darkness, like the one you fell into, attached onto your body like a second skin. Frightened you tried to pry it off you only to have something hit you with a superhuman force.
“Gah!” you screamed.
You flew from one dimension of space to another. You caught flashes of creatures. Creatures that belonged to horror movies and grim fairytales.
‘A-Am I in Purgatory?!’
The sound was chilling to the bone.
You were desperate to wake up from this hellish nightmare but still you were stuck in some sort of limbo.
“Where AM I!?”
A giant came into view. You flew closer and closer to it.
“??!” You didn’t have time to yell as the giant snatched you from your flying state. “Let me go!” Its ugly disfigured face looked to yours very amused.
“You beast!
:iconkal-a-cas:Kal-a-Cas 289 68
Hetaloid!Norway x Reader
You open the box, and gasp at what’s inside.
It was a Norway hetaloid.
Your eyes drift to the instructions, which were taped to the front of the box. You carefully take off the instructions; making sure none of the paper rips. You turn to the section where it says “how to activate your hetaloid.” You did a double take on what it said.
The instructions said the hetaloid activated upon arrival, but he wasn’t activating or anything. ‘Is this thing broken?’ You immediately shake your head at the thought. ‘no. maybe this one has a unique way of activating? Yeah; thats it.
After thinking for quite awhile, you turn to your parents and thank them cheerfully while your friends are observing the hetaloid closely. Very closely. Like, they took him out of his box.
Your friends set him on the couch; then observing him more closely. The hetaloids’ pale blond hair with a cross clip holding his bangs together nicely, was hangi
:iconhetafan123:hetafan123 476 463
Magic Trio x Reader - Uncovering Magical Secrets
  You were walking on the concrete sidewalks, not paying mind to other people's events, or anyone's comments at you. You were not like most girls on Earth, you never worn dresses or skirts, even makeup. Though, you weren't a tomboy either, you were a person who has no place in any category. You didn't care, since you were happy, and that's all that matters. Continuing to walk through the streets of the city, you stopped at a café. This particular café was perfect for you. Not many people go here, and it's more quieter than others. You entered the café, being greeted by the three employees who were running this whole café. One was named Arthur Kirkland, he has messy blonde hair and emerald green eyes, though he has very bushy eyebrows, which you thought were cute. The second was named Vladimir Lupei, he has strawberry blonde hair and ruby eyes. He has an adorable pointy canine. Finally, the last one was named Lukas Bondevik, he has light blonde hair and
:iconchibi-sweets:Chibi-Sweets 76 105
Bratty student! [LevixReader] One-Shot [AU]
Reader Format
Fandom: Shingeki no Kyojin/ Attack On Titan
Pairing: Levi x Student!Reader (18 years old, finishing high-school)
Genre: Lemon/romantic
This is what happens when you skip class... YOU MISS OUT ON SOME SUBJECTS!
*Head Desk*
Setting: Au/ School/Modern
Disclaimer: I do not own you or SNK but I do own all of your action within this story!
Your POV
You were walking around, waiting for time to pass, I skipped class... You sighed, who in their right mind skips the class of that shrimp... oh wait, ME! I don't...Usually, but I was suppose to hand him an assignment today, an assignment I didn't do. You were marching in the mall, searching for your usual clothing shop. As you arrived there, you opened the door, walked in to meet one of your favorite vendor, "Hello Micheal!"
The tall brunet gave you a dashing smile, "Hey (Name)?! My! It's so early, did class finish earlier?" You let out a shy laugh, "I skipped. Let's say, that I had an assignme
:iconkitkat1690:Kitkat1690 241 89
Attack on Titan: [AU] Levi x Reader - Talkin' Tidy
Attack on Titan

[AU] Levi x Reader

Talkin’ Tidy
As Levi’s girlfriend, it kind of bothered you that you couldn’t get him to blush. Although this was a rather odd thought to have while his friends were over to meet you, it really concerned you. You sat alone at the dinner table, watching Levi chat with his six friends. You weren’t much of a talker and preferred to avoid any social interaction as much as you could. Since it was for your boyfriend’s sake, you’d try and get to know his friends. They might be able to take your mind off of inappropriate things. 
You snap out of your self-imposed isolation once you hear Levi call your name. 
“Come on,” he ordered, patting the seat next to him. You nodded, silently making your way into the living room. The number of eyes on you were overwhelming enough to make you want to die to avoid the nervousness building in your stomach. Despite feeling antsy,
:iconredsharkrocker18:RedSharkRocker18 438 133
Superstitious [Levi x Reader]
Very superstitious, writings on the wall
Your [h/c] whipped around your head as you lunged at the table full of cadets.  The group of youngsters jumped at your sudden movements and stared at you with wide eyes. Sasha even dropped the potatoes that was in her hands. Reaching across the table, your fingers wrapped around the tipped salt shaker and yanked it towards you.
“U-uhm, Squad Leader [Name]?”  the young girl stuttered.
With a frantic look in your [e/c] eyes, you ignored her and stood up straight. Lifting your other hand, you poured a small amount of salt into it before tossing it over your shoulder. You closed your eyes and sighed in relief. After a moment of silence, you looked at the cadets.
“That was close” you said with a smile. “Be more careful next time, Sasha.”
The young soldiers continued to just stare at your in silence, confusion plastered on every face. You raised an eyebrow.
“Tch” a low voice s
:iconappleblossom18:AppleBlossom18 747 94



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Hey friends^^
I decided to sell my OCs because I leaving DA. 
If you want to buy more than one, I can go down with the price. So if you like one, just Note me^^ 

Yumi by RubiNight 200 Points 

Fairy Tail: Kin by RubiNight 100 Points
Fairy Tail OC KIN by RubiNight 80 Points 
If you buy both Pictures of Kin it only costs 150 Points

Fairy Tail OC by RubiNightLolu ID:Card by RubiNightFairy Tail: Lolu and Trimen by RubiNight  all three together 220 Points

Fairy Tail OC Hikari (crystal Dragonslayer) by RubiNight  120 Points

Marie - Heart of a Dragon by RubiNightSting and Marie by RubiNight for both together 150 Points 

Louis the Musican by RubiNight 150 Points

Lana the Musican by RubiNightLana without her cape by RubiNight for both 200 Points

The Hero is here! ~ Luca by RubiNight 150 Points

If you buy Louis, Lana and Louis together it will cost 300 Points

Jinx the florist by RubiNight 130 Points

Miyuki-  Kuroko no Basket OC by RubiNight 130 Points

Sarah by RubiNight 200 Points

Tora OC by RubiNight 180 Points

Kai - OC by RubiNight 200 Points

Rock it! by RubiNight 150 Points

talk to the hand! by RubiNight 150 Points

Huh? What do you mean? by RubiNight 150 Points

Nanako by RubiNightInazuma eleven OC by RubiNight for both 100 Points

Kotomi by RubiNight 80 Points

Caro by RubiNight 90 Points





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